You can choose one powerup to show with your avatar in your profile. If you buy all powerups of one set your avatar will also sparkle.

The total cost of each set are:

Set Total Cost
Gold 1,250 Gems
Space 12,900 Gems
Diamond 35,000 Gems
Powerup Skin Cost Set
Sawblade Default Free Default
Gold Sawblade 120 Gems Gold
Shuriken 200 Gems -
Hypno Blade 10,000 Coins -
Blade Runner 500 Gems -
Tangled Blade 25,000 Coins
Shuriken V3 30,000 Coins -
Space Sawblade 1,500 Gems Space
Ruby Sawblade 2,000 Gems -
Diamond Sawblade 4,000 Gems Diamond
Pumpkin Saw Prize -
Rocket Default Free Default
Gold Rocket 150 Gems Gold
Pink Rocket 10,000 Coins -
Hearts 15,000 Coins -
To The Moon 50,000 Coins -
Space Rocket 2,000 Gems Space
Diamond Rocket 5,000 Gems Diamond
Balloon Default Free Default
Heart Balloon 5,000 Coins -
Gold Balloon 150 Gems Gold
Cthulhu Balloon 200 Gems -
Tiger Balloon 10,000 Coins -
Pumpkin 13,000 Coins -
Beach Ball 15,000 Coins -
Just Balloons 500 Gems -
Dragon Balloon 50,000 Coins -
Space Balloon 1,500 Gems Space
Balloon Animal 2,000 Gems -
Golden Fox Balloon Prize Elite
Diamond Balloon 5,000 Gems Diamond
Gun Default Free Default
Golden Gun 140 Gems Gold
Gravity Gun 20,000 Coins -
Space Gun 1,200 Gems Space
Bazooka 50,000 Coins -
Tommy Gun 1,933 Gems -
Diamond Gun 4,000 Gems Diamond
Speed Default Free Default
Golden Speed 180 Gems Gold
Space Speed 1,800 Gems Space
Diamond Speed 4,000 Gems Diamond
Shield Default Free Default
Gold Shield 150 Gems Gold
Pink Shield 500 Gems -
Space Shield 1,600 Gems Space
Diamond Shield 4,000 Gems Diamond
Magnet Default Free Default
Golden Magnet 140 Gems Gold
Space Magnet 1,200 Gems Space
Diamond Magnet 3,000 Gems Diamond
Beartrap Default Free Default
Gold Beartrap 120 Gems Gold
Space Beartrap 1,100 Gems Space
Diamond Beartrap 3,000 Gems Diamond
Punchbox Default Free Default
Golden Punchbox 100 Gems Gold
Space Punchbox 1,000 Gems Space
Diamond Punchbox 3,000 Gems Diamond

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